Recapitulation of recently story Patch 4.1Notes

A third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, subtitled Shadowbringers will be launch on June 28. I will review recent story (patches 4.1) before the expansion.

■Arenvald’s Adventure(新たなる冒険)

The Warrior of Light at last liberated Doma and Ala Mhigo’s from imperial rule. Here; A new adventure begins.
Ala Mhigo was starting to build a new nation.
Lyse had to keep leaning on General Aldynn and the Alliance for support.

Also, Alphinaud and we were proposed a new adventure from Arenvald.
It is Ala Mhigo’s unearth hidden treasure.

■The Darkness Below(伝説を追って )

We interviewed the people of Ala Mhigo to look for treasures.
Alphinaud seems to have noticed where the trove is hidden.

■The Mad King’s Trove(廃王の黄金)

It was used to be a city called “Skalla” in the lochs.
We explored the dungeon 「The Drowned City of Skalla」and found treasures.

■The Butcher’s Blood(復讐と正義)

The citizens of Ala Mhigan have protested Resistance to put Fordola to death.
We and Arenvald met Fordola in prison.

■Echoes of an Echo(超越者の影)

We talked to Immortal Flames and General Aldynn, who are researching the Imperial facility.
Fordola has been forced to experience the agony of those whose lives she destroyed. The guilt must be unbearable.
The sultana desires an advice from me.

■A Sultana’s Strings(ナナモの決意)

Sultana asked me for advice.
She told the past with Lauburn.

■A Sultana’s Duty(ナナモの本気)

Sultana finally see a way to aid the refugees.
She met Godveld for advice.She realized that refugees must promote self-sufficiency, whilst also must serve the interests of the people of Ul’dah.

■A Sultana’s Resolve(吹っ切れナナモ様)

Sultana want to have Lolorito’s opinion on how to have best investment for the wealth of Ul’dah.
We have piqued Lolorito’s interest and secured his invaluable expertise.

■Securing the Saltery(ソルトリーの未来)

The plan to support the return of Ala Mhigo refugees, which Nanamo considered, is the salt-making industry at the Saltery.We negotiated the support plan with the people of Saltery and got the cooperation.

■A Blissful Arrival(波乱の徴候)

We talked about the future activities of Raubahn with Pipin and Raubahn himself.
The Qalyana are insisting they shuould be allowed to attend the council.

■Return of the Bull(英雄の帰還)

Qalyana betrayed us during the meeting and summoned primal Lakshmi.
Lyse decided that Fordola, our previous enemy participated in this battle.
We beat Lakshmi with her cooperation.

Raubahn decided to return to his hometown Ala Mhigo.

To be continued.

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